Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Diary Entry 09/02/11

The re-shoot didn't go as planned. There were loads of problems once again although the continuity wasn't the least of problems, mainly because you couldn't see any of it. We went to the NCP to re-shoot everything again but the stairwell lights didn't turn back on ending in VERY dark shots.
Also the sound quality isn't brilliant this time, especially as there was a whole group of people chatting below us.  Finally as we approached the roof of the NCP we were stopped by the security guards there who said we would need filming permission which is something we had no idea we needed and weren't told about before we went out filming. This was a major blow to our plans and instead of filming in the NCP we thought it might be a good idea to re-shoot in a different location, the sovereign centre stairwell which is always lit brightly and was our second location choice anyway Most importantly we don't need permission to film there. Another re-shoot is definitely in order.

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