Sunday, 30 January 2011

Ideas On the Soundrack

These are just a few sountrack ideas i cooked up at home!
The first video is a soundtrack idea for our office/intro

In the second i have made a more rocky soundtrack that i think would fit in well with our chase scene

The Intro Animation Pictures


Drinking alcahol

Hanging around on street corners

Antisocial behaviour, vandalism

We wanted the daughter to be portrayed as an antisocial, rebellious drop out.

Diary Entry 30/01/11

Today was the day we had arranged for filming. Unfortunately we were too busy in updating the blog and finishing the storyboard work that we forgot to pick up the camcorder on the friday.
Forunately this forced me to improvise and i realised that if we had just the two scenes we had storyboarded then our opening scene would have probably only lasted for about 2 minites at the most.
Then while i was watching a James Bond film with a really good animiation for the title, it provoked me to invent some sort of interesting introduction to our title.
I wanted the idea to be as original as possible and i realised that actual computer animation would have been impossible as noone in our group had an animating program.
Then i thought we could extend the knowledge about the daughter to the audience further by linking a series of pictures of the daughter being rebellious and going against her dads (detectives) wishes. The effect of the pictures of the daughter being rebellious are stills will portray to the audience that they were taken in the past. Also to make our pictures have some original qualities to them i have only taken them looking at only the trousers. This will make the audience relate to pictures that are taken of antisocial behaviour which rarely show the faces of the purpertrator. The daughter will now be seen as a social drop-out.
Along with these pictures we can fade in and out our opening credits and then finally we can end the picture with the title.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Location Scouting: Dolphin Square

 Our last location we looked at was Dolphin Square, this location was quite good although due to it being outside there was lots of wind, ruining audio for the final film. Lighting was good, although it would all depend on the weather that day.
This shot would be good to use as we could show the daughter running up all of the flights of stairs. We could have a long shot while slowly zooming in.

The place was quite run down which is what we were aiming for but overall I think the other two locations would be better to use.

Location Scouting-Sovereign Centre

Now that we had a strong contender for our chase scene, it would be hard to find any more adequate places to shoot. There were a few problems with the NCP however, such as the rooftops being open to the elements and the generator being permenantly under repair.
The next place that had some great staircases and rooftop was the soveriegn centre. It had an interesting enterance to the staircase which would be great for a tracking shot, sweeping round the corner into the large set of stairs.

One of the greatest advantages of filming in the soveriegn centre was the fact that the staircases were much wider allowing the cameraman to film and not get in the way of the actors. It also meant that the shots could be a lot longer. Diadvantages of shooting here would be that the stairs are more modern, although the rooftop is reletively ancient which wouldnt hinder our filming too much.
Fotunately the rooptop onm the sovereign centre has some shelter from the wind so whichever way it is blowing we can film the other side. The only problem is that the soveriegn center is much more busy especially as we are filming on the weekend.

Diary Entry 26/01/11

Today we went out into town to take scouting shots for the location of our movie. We looked at four different locations around Weston-super-Mare town.
The first place we looked at was the National Car Parks (NCP), this placed looked really run down, but for our movie we wanted to have that look. After getting a number of shots we were told to leave by a secruity guard, and although we got all the shots we needed, this may be a problem for future filming.
The second place we went was the Sovereign Shopping Centre, this place was less run donw but still had a look that we could use. There were no problems with secruity but lighting could be a problem.
The final location was Dolphin Square, this place wasn't as big but had much better lighting than the previous two. But due to it being outside we might get a lot of noise distortion becuase of the wind.
While we were in town we also were able to get a number of props for the shooting. We were able to buy fake blood and a coat for the detective, and after looking at different hats we decided not to use one in the final production.

Location scouting-NCP

Now that we had an idea of what we needed for our filming we looked elsewhere and ventured into the town centre. To get the run down, inner city staircase we decided to check out the local car parks.
The NCP car park was the most authentic and oldest car park we could find. It had the inner city feel and most importantly wasnt usually too busy.
This picture is of inside the carpark staircase, the stairs themselves were definately run down and made of stone which would probably aid our audio without us having to spend time inputting footsteps. The walls looked as if they had'nt been given a lick of paint in 10 years and the doors were worn down with years of use. This would definately give our scene our deteriorated, unescapeable atmosphere we were hoping for.
This was the best rooptop we could find in the whole of weston. It will most probably be the one we will film on even if we film the staircase scenes in an alternative place. It too had seen its fair share use and was rotten, moulding and hostile just like we imagined the scene should look like. Most of the time the rooftop is clear of people and cars giving us the space in which we will need to film. Lighting here would not be a problem as the staircase is lighted with the usual flickering lights and so long as its not an eclipse we should have sufficient light on the roof itself. Unfortunately if we decide to film on a windy day the rooftop has no protection  from the elements and as well as clothes and hair flying all over the place, our audio will be affected just like in our previous film.

Location Scouting

Weston College

This was the first idea for our location of filming, we were able to find an outside staircase which looked good but there were a number of negative aspects, including no where to film the roof shots and the fact that you could see parts of unwanted Mise en scene in the back, like people in windows and cars in the back ground. This made us look for a place which was public but had fewer people around and looked more authentic.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Shot List in Text Format Scene 2

  1. Close up of spatter of blood which is a graphic match of the spillage in the previous scene
  2. Pulls back to an OTS shot of the detective inspecting the spatter
  3. Into long shot of detective moving on from spatter and walking up the stairs
  4. A sepia or black and white effect put on every scene with the daughter in to allow the audience to establish a time difference between the detectives' inspection and the daughters chase scene, long shot into close up of daughter hurting knee and creating blood spatter
  5. Long shot of daughter stumbling to feet and managing to get back up to speed
  6. Close up of daughters' shoe falling off
  7. Mid shot of detective inspecting the abandoned shoe
  8. The daughter round the corner to opening the fire exit
  9. The detective follows the daughters path and goes to open the fire exit just as she did
  10. A long shot of the detective walking out onto the rooftop and imagines his daughter at the buildings edge, focus switch from detective to daughter and detective runs towards the mirage
  11. Mid shot of the detective running towards the camera, then back to the long shot but without the imaginary daughter in the shot
  12. Finally a close up of detectives reaction to the false hope of finding his daughter

Monday, 10 January 2011

Shot List in Text Format Scene 1

  1. Panning up from blackness to come up over the detectives head.
  2. Over the shoulder shot of him opening a drawer revealing a picture frame of his daughter and him. There will also be a bottle of Jack Daniel's.
  3. POV shot representing the daughter looking up at him, the dominating father.
  4. Close up of his hand going for the picture then diverting away to the bottle, repesenting himself wanting to help his daughter, but he feels inadequate and drowns his sorrows instead.
  5. Mid shot of detective spilling the drink.
  6. Mid to long shot of him giving up on his work and going home, while putting on his coat.
  7. After he has left we go back to a close up of the spillage, which is a graphic match of the blood spatter in the next scene.
This a a first draft animatic which will give us a vague idea of how the scene will look. Later we will add in props and improve the look and add in audio.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Diary Entry 05/01/11

Today on our first day back from our christmas holidays we started working on our storyboard, script, props, casting and animatics.
We started with the storyboard as it seems like a logical starting point. We pitched ideas on what type of shots and mise en scene. After a few adjustments to our storyline we came to our first draft which we were all pleased with, and from this storyboard we were able to create a first draft f our animatic, seeing how it would look as a motion picture and what we can improve on for the second take.
We developed our characters more giving them names and a background, and adapting them to actors and actresses we can use.
We will now try and adapt a script to our storyboard and make it relevant to each character and their background.

Final Draft Of Storyboard

Scenes 1-9

1.) This is our first shot in our opening scene where the camera rises up from the back of the chair and out of the darkness.

2.) From rising above the chair take an OTS of the detective, working hard after a long day

3.) Still working just the camera is a little higher.

4.) Another OTS of the detective opening his office drawer.

5.) A zoom showing a picture of the detective and his daughter and a bottle of jack.

6.) Then we are moved around to the inside of the drawers POV for a close to mid shot of the detective.

7.) Then a close up of inside the drawer where the hand of the detective comes down to supposudly pick up the picture of him and his daughter.

8.) Instead of picking up the picture, he diverts away to pick up the bottle of jack daniels, showing the stress that the job puts on him and that he would rather drink than look his daughter in the eye.

9.) After that he slips and spills his drink onto his desk.

Scenes 10-18

10.) After spilling his drink we see a long shot of the dtective getting up and picking up his coat.

11.) A mid shot of the detective putting his coat on.

12.) A mid shot of the detective leaving his office

13.) After the detective leaves the room we are transported to a close up of the spillage. The spillage is a graphic match to the next shot which is of the blood spillage.

14.) The blood graphic match leading onto the chase scene.

15.) Then we are transported back in time to the chase scene  where we are shown a long shot of the daughter running away.
16.) Following long shot where the daughter starts to fall over.
17.) Then to the daughter being flat on her face after hitting her knee and bleeding on the step for the detective to come and inspect later.

18.) A picture of the daughter getting back up.

Scenes 19-27

19.) After this the daughter keeps running up the stairs until she manages to lose her shoe, this is a close up of this action.

20.) Another shot of the daughter losing her shoe.

21.) Then a close up shot of the solitary shoe left behind by the daughter for the detective to inspect.

22.) Another mid to long shot of the daughter running up towards the exit.
23.) A long shot whereby the detective finds the discarded shoe of the daughter.
24.) OTS mid to long shot of the daughter eratically exiting the building onto the rooftop.

25.) The detective slowly and regretfully reaching the exit to inspect the rooftop.

 26.) Long shot of the detective thinking he sees his daughter in the distance.

27.) Just as he reaches his daughter she fades away.