Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Preliminary Task

This was the preliminary task that we had to do before we did our final cut of Misunderstood. We were given the genre of film which we had to portary which was a spy. We brainstormed ideas on the day and we had a draft of what we were going to do. Now that we have finished it of course looking back i can safely say that we would have needed more planning to go into our work. This shows of course in the project we then did 'Misunderstood' that we did more planning. Because of this it is understandable now why we had to do this before the full version of the course otherwise not enough planning would have been done.
   The whole process that we took on the perliminary task was short, we planned it on one day, what we would need and where we were going to film, the next day there was a lack of communication which resulted in the props needed not being used, so instead improvised and filmed only a part of it, the third day we finished the filming and made a start on the editing, which was then finished on the fourth, this shows how rushed our work was.

By Hani Matter

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