Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Evaluation Question 2

This is our evaluation of the question: How does our media product represent particular social groups?
Topics of discussion within our evaluation:

- Where the idea for our project title came from

- Themes our main characters express like over-working parents and drink

- How the themes our characters represent relate to people in reality

- How we have shown the relationship between our characters and how that can relate

- Effects we have used to show to the audience how the characters relate to eachother

- How the characters in our product stick fairly closely to sterotypes of characters in most crime thrillers

- Why we didnt spend much time focusing on the representations of our characters

- Taking more time on our characters back stories rather than how she was shown to the audience

- Older techniques we tried to use, but eventually cut from the final cut that would have represented the characters in our product more indepth

- Problems we faced about the representation of our characters from inadequate casting (the father/detective not looking old enough)

- How we tried to represent our kidnapper as a threat to the daughter

- Effects that we used to try and separate our kidnapper from kidnappers from other cime thriller products

- The social classes of our characters

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