Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Evaluation Question 4

This is our evaluation for the question: Which audiences would be the most likely to consume our film?
Topics of discussion within our evaluation:

- The initial age range of audiences that might watch our product

- How the characters in our product would relate to certain audiences

- How our genre and the themes within our product woud relate to different audiences

- Representations of characters in our product that were contemorary from modern day society

- More themes introduced including the struggles of parenthood and how that would relate to audiences

- That our product might receive a large audience due to the existing audiences for crime thrillers

- That our product can easily relate to audiences by being a used and easy concept (kidnap), but still has the complicated plot that crime thriller fans love

- Themes that effect people from media that we have incorporated into our product

- How our product promotes realism but is still interesting

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