Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation Question 6

This is our evaluation for the question: What have you learnt about technologies while working on your product?
Topics of disscusion within our evaluation:

- How well we got on with working with cameras

- How difficult it was to create match on action

- Why big film institutions find it easier than we and other small film institutions to create these effects as they have expendable money s that they can invest in two cameras for instance

- The amount of re-shoots needed to get enough quality footage to use in our final cut

- Explinations of some shots that were effective but not crucial to our product

- How from all of the time spent filming our shots got better with practice

- How even though we had lots of incredible technologies we still couldnt manage to create some shots

- Problems we faced in editing in the form of continuity errors

- How the enviroment created problems for us when filming

- Other technologies we tried and failed to make our audio more polished

- How we created an effective title sequence and where we went wrong at first

- Other media texts that werent so successful in their title sequences

- Post production techniques we tried which lost its effectiveness and made it hard to read

- How we used the title sequence to our advantage

- Problems we faced with using filters

- Where effects from other media texts inspired us

- Drawbacks with technology and its download time

Continue watching our super long technology question evaulation video in part 2:

Continuing on:

- How different editing programs are easier to use than others

- Whether it was better to have a program that was easier to use or one that had a lot more options and effects to use

- Its good to have a backup save to all your work as we found out the hard way

- How you cant always rely on technologies to work in your favour

- That we wanted our product to have its own independant soundtrack

- That unless your a composer it is very hard to layer music on top of each other to make it sound worthy of our product

- Things we did to make our soundtrack sound as proffessional as possible

- Our initial ideas for our soundtrack were scrapped because of the difficulties that would have stood in our way had we tried to complete them

- Other little sound effects that we tried to input but just made our product look unproffessional

- Problems we faced when editing our product and the audio not fitting

- Unplanned successes when dealing with our audio

- Some effects that we tried to achieve but the technology held us back from doing so

- Restrictions our low budget equipment had on our directing and filming

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