Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation Question 7

This is our evaluation for the question: What have you learnt from looking back at your preliminary task?
Topics of discussion within our evaluation:

- Planning was a major factor in producing a media product

- The importance of taking more than one shot when filming for the editors peace of mind

- Realising that the lack in planning resulted in a sloppy schedule and unproductivity

- Careful scripting is a must when you have dialogue although we didnt have much to say in our final cut

- That its better to leave out filters if they look to cheesy or deminish what they are trying to achieve in the first place

- If planning isnt up to standard, some improvisation would have to be done

- The importance of proper casting

- There aren't enough of us to shoot, direct, produce, edit and star in our product

- What we can do next time

- How its important to keep to the filming rules (match on action)

- The importance of keeping up good continuity whether it be video or audio

- Making sure the video stays the same resolution and size throughout

- An appropriate timeline planning task is crucial to a successful media product

- Not enough time was allocated to editing

- The importance of test screenings

- How editing can completely change how the narrative pans out for the audience

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