Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Evaluation Question 3

This is our evaluation of the question: What sort of media institution might distribute our product?
Topics of discussion within our evaluation:

- Whether or not our product would warrant a big media institution's interest

- How we should distribute our product (if we should extend our distribution to American cinemas)

- What we should do with our product should it do well in cinemas

- If the genre of our film would warrant a big institutions interest

- Similar media products that have been produced and distributed by smaller institutions

- The evolution and expansion of our product

- How themes in our product would point us towards warranting a smaller institutions interest

- How our feedback would suggest that we should promote our product to a smaller institution

- What our product would be looking to achieve (popularity or awards)

- The extent that if we were distributed by a smaller institution how many cinemas we could get out product into

- If our product would relate and be successful in American cinemas

- If a clever choice of director would effect our films success

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