Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Final Draft Of Storyboard

Scenes 1-9

1.) This is our first shot in our opening scene where the camera rises up from the back of the chair and out of the darkness.

2.) From rising above the chair take an OTS of the detective, working hard after a long day

3.) Still working just the camera is a little higher.

4.) Another OTS of the detective opening his office drawer.

5.) A zoom showing a picture of the detective and his daughter and a bottle of jack.

6.) Then we are moved around to the inside of the drawers POV for a close to mid shot of the detective.

7.) Then a close up of inside the drawer where the hand of the detective comes down to supposudly pick up the picture of him and his daughter.

8.) Instead of picking up the picture, he diverts away to pick up the bottle of jack daniels, showing the stress that the job puts on him and that he would rather drink than look his daughter in the eye.

9.) After that he slips and spills his drink onto his desk.

Scenes 10-18

10.) After spilling his drink we see a long shot of the dtective getting up and picking up his coat.

11.) A mid shot of the detective putting his coat on.

12.) A mid shot of the detective leaving his office

13.) After the detective leaves the room we are transported to a close up of the spillage. The spillage is a graphic match to the next shot which is of the blood spillage.

14.) The blood graphic match leading onto the chase scene.

15.) Then we are transported back in time to the chase scene  where we are shown a long shot of the daughter running away.
16.) Following long shot where the daughter starts to fall over.
17.) Then to the daughter being flat on her face after hitting her knee and bleeding on the step for the detective to come and inspect later.

18.) A picture of the daughter getting back up.

Scenes 19-27

19.) After this the daughter keeps running up the stairs until she manages to lose her shoe, this is a close up of this action.

20.) Another shot of the daughter losing her shoe.

21.) Then a close up shot of the solitary shoe left behind by the daughter for the detective to inspect.

22.) Another mid to long shot of the daughter running up towards the exit.
23.) A long shot whereby the detective finds the discarded shoe of the daughter.
24.) OTS mid to long shot of the daughter eratically exiting the building onto the rooftop.

25.) The detective slowly and regretfully reaching the exit to inspect the rooftop.

 26.) Long shot of the detective thinking he sees his daughter in the distance.

27.) Just as he reaches his daughter she fades away.

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