Monday, 10 January 2011

Shot List in Text Format Scene 1

  1. Panning up from blackness to come up over the detectives head.
  2. Over the shoulder shot of him opening a drawer revealing a picture frame of his daughter and him. There will also be a bottle of Jack Daniel's.
  3. POV shot representing the daughter looking up at him, the dominating father.
  4. Close up of his hand going for the picture then diverting away to the bottle, repesenting himself wanting to help his daughter, but he feels inadequate and drowns his sorrows instead.
  5. Mid shot of detective spilling the drink.
  6. Mid to long shot of him giving up on his work and going home, while putting on his coat.
  7. After he has left we go back to a close up of the spillage, which is a graphic match of the blood spatter in the next scene.
This a a first draft animatic which will give us a vague idea of how the scene will look. Later we will add in props and improve the look and add in audio.

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