Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Location scouting-NCP

Now that we had an idea of what we needed for our filming we looked elsewhere and ventured into the town centre. To get the run down, inner city staircase we decided to check out the local car parks.
The NCP car park was the most authentic and oldest car park we could find. It had the inner city feel and most importantly wasnt usually too busy.
This picture is of inside the carpark staircase, the stairs themselves were definately run down and made of stone which would probably aid our audio without us having to spend time inputting footsteps. The walls looked as if they had'nt been given a lick of paint in 10 years and the doors were worn down with years of use. This would definately give our scene our deteriorated, unescapeable atmosphere we were hoping for.
This was the best rooptop we could find in the whole of weston. It will most probably be the one we will film on even if we film the staircase scenes in an alternative place. It too had seen its fair share use and was rotten, moulding and hostile just like we imagined the scene should look like. Most of the time the rooftop is clear of people and cars giving us the space in which we will need to film. Lighting here would not be a problem as the staircase is lighted with the usual flickering lights and so long as its not an eclipse we should have sufficient light on the roof itself. Unfortunately if we decide to film on a windy day the rooftop has no protection  from the elements and as well as clothes and hair flying all over the place, our audio will be affected just like in our previous film.

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