Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Diary Entry 26/01/11

Today we went out into town to take scouting shots for the location of our movie. We looked at four different locations around Weston-super-Mare town.
The first place we looked at was the National Car Parks (NCP), this placed looked really run down, but for our movie we wanted to have that look. After getting a number of shots we were told to leave by a secruity guard, and although we got all the shots we needed, this may be a problem for future filming.
The second place we went was the Sovereign Shopping Centre, this place was less run donw but still had a look that we could use. There were no problems with secruity but lighting could be a problem.
The final location was Dolphin Square, this place wasn't as big but had much better lighting than the previous two. But due to it being outside we might get a lot of noise distortion becuase of the wind.
While we were in town we also were able to get a number of props for the shooting. We were able to buy fake blood and a coat for the detective, and after looking at different hats we decided not to use one in the final production.

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