Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Shot List in Text Format Scene 2

  1. Close up of spatter of blood which is a graphic match of the spillage in the previous scene
  2. Pulls back to an OTS shot of the detective inspecting the spatter
  3. Into long shot of detective moving on from spatter and walking up the stairs
  4. A sepia or black and white effect put on every scene with the daughter in to allow the audience to establish a time difference between the detectives' inspection and the daughters chase scene, long shot into close up of daughter hurting knee and creating blood spatter
  5. Long shot of daughter stumbling to feet and managing to get back up to speed
  6. Close up of daughters' shoe falling off
  7. Mid shot of detective inspecting the abandoned shoe
  8. The daughter round the corner to opening the fire exit
  9. The detective follows the daughters path and goes to open the fire exit just as she did
  10. A long shot of the detective walking out onto the rooftop and imagines his daughter at the buildings edge, focus switch from detective to daughter and detective runs towards the mirage
  11. Mid shot of the detective running towards the camera, then back to the long shot but without the imaginary daughter in the shot
  12. Finally a close up of detectives reaction to the false hope of finding his daughter

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