Sunday, 30 January 2011

Diary Entry 30/01/11

Today was the day we had arranged for filming. Unfortunately we were too busy in updating the blog and finishing the storyboard work that we forgot to pick up the camcorder on the friday.
Forunately this forced me to improvise and i realised that if we had just the two scenes we had storyboarded then our opening scene would have probably only lasted for about 2 minites at the most.
Then while i was watching a James Bond film with a really good animiation for the title, it provoked me to invent some sort of interesting introduction to our title.
I wanted the idea to be as original as possible and i realised that actual computer animation would have been impossible as noone in our group had an animating program.
Then i thought we could extend the knowledge about the daughter to the audience further by linking a series of pictures of the daughter being rebellious and going against her dads (detectives) wishes. The effect of the pictures of the daughter being rebellious are stills will portray to the audience that they were taken in the past. Also to make our pictures have some original qualities to them i have only taken them looking at only the trousers. This will make the audience relate to pictures that are taken of antisocial behaviour which rarely show the faces of the purpertrator. The daughter will now be seen as a social drop-out.
Along with these pictures we can fade in and out our opening credits and then finally we can end the picture with the title.

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