Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Art Of The Title - Iron Man

 Throughout this opening it really reflects back on the overal theme of the film, technology. The film being based around a highly technologicaly advanced suit.  
The use of having the short clip in the begining of the film with him saying "I am Iron Man", obvioously this is from the timeline of later on in the film, but the way it sets into the opening titles having him turn into an "electroinc" outline of Iron Man poses an enigma for the audience, making them wonder what put him in that situation.
The way in which the camera moves around the pieces of the Iron Man suit with different attributers names appearing kind of disorinate's the viewer but also has them follow the camera making them feel like they are actually moving through and around the suit.
Finally, as the suit progresses from mere pieces into the full suit it shows the progression involvement, for example it starts with people who probably nobody knows, but as the suits becomes recognisable more recognisable names start to appear, such as main characters and directors.


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