Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Art Of The Title

This opening sequence really captures what the films messages are all about. Without inputting too much heart into this opening sequence it manages to only relay the harsh realities of war in the most simplistic and heartless way.
This opening shows all aspects of the transportation of firearms around the world and how easy it is to put audiences in the position of an inanimate object and still make them go on a rollercoaster ride of a journey.
All of the characters shown throughout this clim seem to show gourmless faces withut emotion or responisibility about what they are doing. Especially the child getting shot at the end of the clip; he seems to show a lack of pro-activeness to escaping the firefight. This may show how people (even children) see war as commonplace and a part of everyday life.
Throughout this scene the names of the producers, director and actors appear; in that order. The use of the box the bullet is in being put into blackness allows for these names to be shown more clearly.

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